Thursday, August 25, 2011

Victa Rotary Mowers 1955-1984: Service and Repair Manual.

Victa Rotary Mowers 1955-1984: Service and Repair Manual.  Paperback book published by Gregory’s Publishing 1984.

I’m currently looking at buying a lawnmower and to be honest the idea of a repair manual at this point of time in regards to my purchasing of a lawnmower, is not what I want to know about.  You see, when I buy a lawnmower, I don’t want it to break down and I certainly don’t want to have to repair it.  Maybe after many years of lawn trimming and with the inevitable wear and tear, I might consider such a manual, but at this stage of my lawnmower purchase, I don’t think so……….  I can’t believe I just wrote that… I would never repair a lawnmower.  That’s not because the will is lacking, it’s because I know my limitations and lawnmower fixing is one of them.  What I am capable of doing is finding a book on lawnmower fixing and that’s about it.  Maybe I could sell this book to the person who will fix my lawnmower… that I haven’t bought yet… and that won’t break down for many years to come (I hope).


  1. Did you ever sell this book?? I'd like to buy it if you've still got it - my lawnmower is broken and I'd like to have a hack at it - and I like books. MyShed @ Thanks

  2. Hi there,
    Yes it sold quite a while a go. I haven't another since i wrote this blog entry. All the best