Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Truth About ESP: What it is, How it works & How you develop it by Hans Holzer.

The Truth About ESP: What it is, How it works & How you develop it by Hans Holzer.  Hardcover book published 1974.

There are those of you out there in the www, who knew that I was going to write about this book. Your ESP skills are fully developed and you are well aware of the contents of this blog entry… and this book... and therefore you probably don’t need to read any further.  If you are like most of us* and don’t have any ESP skills then this book is possibly of interest… as is this blog entry.

So what is the truth about ESP?  Are tea leaves a hoax? This question is posed on the back of the dust jacket.  I’ve seen tea leaves and they look pretty real to me.  There are many questions in the world and we all want the answers.  But there is only one question that I want the answer to** and it has nothing to do with tea leaves.  My question is:  Is this book going to sell?  Unfortunately I don’t have the all seeing eye but the publishers blurb does indicate that “… ESP is a power latent in each one of us.  Every man, woman, and child has the ability to obtain information beyond the limitations of the time-space continuum.”

Firstly: The time-space continuum… wow. The scope of this book is obviously bigger than my little brain can even begin to imagine. 
Secondly: “…a power latent in each one of us”. mmmm I’m not feeling the power, but I’m also not 100% jiggy with the whole time-space continuum thingy, maybe I need to get up to speed with time-space first and then I will learn if tea leaves are real.

Due to my limited*** ESP skills, I have no idea whether this book will sell or not.  Maybe some of you who do have the power will let me know what you can or can’t see… also some lottery numbers would be good.

*All of us.
**Other than all those important Pirate questions.
***Non existent.

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