Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The First 100 Years: VSSAAA – VPSSA: The story of the Primary Schools' Sports Association in Victoria from 1904

The First 100 Years: VSSAAA – VPSSA: The story of the Primary Schools' Sports Association in Victoria from 1904, researched and written by Neil K. McLean. Paperback book published by Victorian Primary Schools' Sports Association 2005, 295 pages with a few black and white photographs. SIGNED COPY.

One hundred years is more than a lifetime for most people. In school sport it is a gigantic span, a period involving huge change in the nature and scope of our sporting competition. The Victorian Primary Schools Sports Association has been providing sporting opportunities for primary school aged children for the past 100 years. The first school sport committee was formed in 1904. It was agreed to arrange a school competition in football in 1904 with the participating schools being Brunswick PS, Hawthorn West PS, Fairfield PS, Faraday St. Carlton and Albert Park PS. Before long, school sport included competitions in swimming, cricket, football, rounders and a gala sports’ day. From humble beginnings, the VPSSA has developed to the stage where it now provides opportunities for children at more than 1800 affiliated government, independent and catholic schools enabling children to participate in 16 different sports.”


Not really one of my bookselling strengths... which is probably due to my complete lack of any interest beyond what the latest doping scandal is all about. This lack of interest probably developed during my pre school years and was something that I nurtured during Primary School and then developed into a full blown complete distaste during my years at high school. Some of you might understand my unAustralian distaste, when I write that there were too many books to read so why would I waste time kicking a ball around... particularly when I wasn't very good at it and with all my youthful comrades making sure that I knew it. No, running around the oval wasn't for me and inter school sports were something that this book worm avoided as much as possible.

and here is a book about the association that tortured me with endless attempts at trying to get me sweaty during my schooling years. Needless to say, I don't get a mention as the book is about achievements. It's quite an impressive publication which is of a fairly specialised interest and probably only really of interest to a select few. From what I can gather the book is rare which is probably due to a wisely considered small single print run. This book was never going to be on the best seller list, but is probably on someones favourite list... somewhere... and hopefully on someone's wants list somewhere.

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