Monday, April 13, 2015

A Slow Walk Across Spain: Walking the Camino de Santiago by Karen Manwaring.

A Slow Walk Across Spain: Walking the Camino de Santiago by Karen Manwaring. Paperback book published by Watermelon Press 2010, 152 pages with monotone photographs as well as some colour photographs, also has a large fold out colour map at the back endpaper. 

This is the book we wish we’d had when we were planning to walk our first Camino.”

The Camino de Santiago are a group of pilgrimage routes across Spain*, ending at the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. It can take anywhere between a few weeks and a number of months, depending on your level of fitness, dedication, or how long you can trick your boss into believing you have the flu and really can't make it in to work. “Pilgrimage” and “St. James the Great” imply a religious overtone to this walk, but from my sparse and recent knowledge of the walk (ie. finding this book and looking up Camino de Santiago on the interwebs), this doesn't necessarily have to be the reason for walking the Camino. This is good news for people like myself who don't revel in “Pilgrimage” or “St. James the Great” but do sort of like the idea of a lengthy stroll across Spain... eating some of the local delicacies... and drinking some of the local vino.

I don't know anyone who has walked the Camino. I haven't walked it... but I do like the idea.

This book is currently (April 2015) out of print , which is a great thing for a secondhand bookseller with a copy in hand. If you're going to go all that way you want a guide book and here is a fairly recent edition... actually, it's the only edition... but there is a new edition coming out later this year, which is not very handy if you're intending on going soonish... sooooo.....

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