Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Magic-Beano Book. (1943)

The Magic-Beano Book. Hardcover book with pictorial boards (no dust jacket) published by D.C. Thomson (no date, 1943?), 127 pages with black and white, and blue and red illustrations. (PLEASE NOTE: This book has been repaired.)

The Beano Annual celebrated 75 years of publication in 2013. It's had a few different names over its plentiful history and for a short period it was known as The Magic Beano which had something to do with another publication called “Magic Comic” and Second World War paper rationing. This particular volume is from 1943. As with many vintage books there is no date mentioned, but fortunately due to an avid fan base and wikipedia's quest to have all manner of useful(?) information at the world's fingertips, there are enough clues for me to figure out when this volume was published:

1943. Big Eggo and Koko the Pup are having a three-legged race with all the other characters running behind them.” Wikipedia

In 1943 there was a war going on and i'm fairly sure not very high on everyone's list of priorities was the publication of a large quantity of well bound copies of The Magic-Beano Book. Paper was rationed and the overall quality of binding, paper, ink etc of many books from this era was of a lower standard when compared to pre and post war (…this is a generalisation). This inferior quality, combined with The Magic-Beano being a childrens book probably published in smaller than usual print runs but probably enjoyed and loved by just as many children, means that a book such as this has been through the ringer more than a few times.

“This book is in poor condition. The cover is in poor condition. There is wear to the edges (scuffing, creasing, small chips) and corners (chips and scuffing). The spine has been repaired with binding tape. Part of the original spine has been stuck to the new spine. Some of this original spine has now come loose from the new spine (easily repaired). There is shelf wear overall including scuffs, marks, scratches, creasing, dints, etc. The cover is very worn. The book itself is in poor condition. There is wear to the outer edges and to the corners. The front and back endpapers have tape repairs to the spine hinges (it looks like the hinges split and required repair). The front endpaper has a name and address written on it and there is a hole on the opposite page.  There is some colouring in to the title page as well. The front endpages and the back endpaper, have extensive wear to the edges including scuffing, creasing, rips and chips. There is noticeable foxing in the book. There are a few rips and chips in the book and there is some creasing (mainly to the top right hand corner of the pages). There is yellowing of the pages. Overall a poor copy. PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer new looking vintage books, please DO NOT buy this one (it is very worn).” My ebay description.

Yes, this book has seen the war and managed to survived. There was some surgery done at some stage and the scars are still visible... but it is still here, unlike most of the other copies of the 1943 edition.  

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