Monday, December 8, 2014

Terry Nation's Blakes 7: A Marvel Monthly.

Terry Nation's Blakes 7: A Marvel Monthly. Various Magazines published by Marvel Comics. (10 issues)

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may remember my scribblings re: Terry Nation's Blakes 7, novelization by Trevor HoyleIt seems just like yesterday that I wrote about my appreciation for all things Blakes 7 and my excitement regarding the finding of a rare and valued hardcover novelization. Sadly, and with both feet now firmly on terra firma, the reality is that here we are 3 years after my first journey into Blakes 7 territory and I still haven't managed to teleport the book to a new owner.

In spite of a lack of sales in the Blakes 7 department here at Huc & Gabet, I was very pleased to find this bundle of Blakes 7 magazines. These were not something that I ever expected to find, particularly as I didn't even know that they existed. I guess it's one of those learning curve sort of things where once I didn't know about such things and now I do... which is probably less of a curve and more of a very steep incline. Hardcore Blakes 7 fans must be itching to get there hands on original merchandise such as this and it was with this thought that I eagerly picked up this collection of retro intergalactic telly nostalgia.

Now for the sad news. Unfortunately all of these issues besides being very loved (worn and aged), have had the wall posters removed, so they are all incomplete. I didn't realise this at the time of purchase and it wasn't until I landed back at Huc & Gabet headquarters and began inspecting my treasure, that this imperfection became knowledge. I'm not really sure how much this matters in the bigger scheme of Blakes 7 paraphenalia. It is a cult phenomenon and these magazines are not something that one causally finds for sale 30 years after publication and a missing poster may not deter prospective buyers... or maybe it will. The magazines with the posters would have been better, but that's not what I found. There is now the probability that the Huc & Gabet Blakes 7 shelf is going to get a little more crowded, but I don't care. I think these magazines will be an excellent addition to the portfolio of rare and interesting items that I have for sale.

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