Sunday, August 24, 2014

In the kingdom of the blind...

This week has been a real eye opener for me... in many, many different ways. Last Tuesday I woke up with a very strange situation regarding my right eye. Basically it was no longer working the way that I have always assumed my eyes would work, which has something to do with opening them and seeing things. I was a bit concerned but not hysterical. I have had problems with an on and off inner ear/vertigo condition for many years and I thought it might be connected to this. In hindsight it was a bit dumb of me to think this, but this hindsight is retrospective and it is hindsight. So Thursday morning I go and see my GP and to cut a long story short I ended up in hospital for an operation to have had my retina reattached. Why it had chosen to deattach itself, I don't know, but deattached it had become and reattached it needed to be and now is.

This means that my right eye is out of action for a while... at least 2 to 3 weeks. This is scary stuff. Booksellers tend to use their eyes quite a bit in selecting, cleaning and selling both on line or in a shop... and i'm a bookseller. Yeah, I got the other one, but it's not quite the same and here on day 6, I don't really trust what i'm seeing (depth of vision is an issue). This blog entry is a bit of a test to see how this computer thingy will be over the coming days.

This whole thing has made me think a lot about how we see things particularly in regards to books. Braille is an option but somehow I reckon Braille may take a bit longer than 3 weeks to learn and up till now I haven't found any second hand Braille books, I'm also not so sure how popular Braille now is. Due to my lack of coherent vision i'm fairly sure my income stream (… actually a trickle) will be hindered which is more than a little bit of a concern. The next few weeks will be interesting.

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