Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chinese Kite Book

(Chinese Kite Book).  Hardcover book published in Hong Kong 1986, with colour photographs and illustrations as well as black and white photographs and illustrations.  PLEASE NOTE: All text is in Chinese… I am unable to translate…

Sometimes it’s hard to keep away from a difficult book that one knows is hard to sell.  This book which is filled with wonderful photographs and illustrations of kites, is such a book. Here are a few of the photographs that tempted this book seller to part with his cash:

See what I mean? Stunning.  A real eye opener, not only for the kite enthusiast but for anyone with an appreciation of art of any sort.  Now here’s the problem – all of the text is in Chinese.  This would not be a problem in any Chinese speaking (or reading) country.  Indeed, I would think that a book such as this would be eagerly embraced by anyone able to decipher the text.  Unfortunately here in Australia there are fewer Chinese speakers (or readers) than in China and those that are here are mostly not close to where I am now. This is a dilemma that I have encountered previously with other foreign language books and the truth is that a sale of these books is rare.

I’ve currently listed the book on ebay under the title “(Chinese Kite Book)”.  I feel that this is a bit of an understatement as the book whilst being a Chinese Kite Book has a bit more to offer than being a book about Kites.*  It’s possible that if this book were in the shop it would sell quicker, or maybe not.   So why did I buy this book… because it’s got nice pictures.

* No offence meant to Kite flying enthusiasts.

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