Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Magic in Frosting by John McNamara.

Magic in Frosting by John McNamara.  Paperback book (spiral bound) published by Kopykake Enterprises 1980, 104 pages with colour photographs.

INTRODUCTION: We are certain that you will find this to be the most different and complete book ever written and photographed on the subject of Figure Piping with soft frostings.

Frances is the originator of the “portrait cakes”, and is known nationally as “Frances the Cake Lady”. She has made numerous personal appearances on Television and cake decorating shows across the country.

John is the originator of the world famous “Pink Elephant Cake.” He is the world’s foremost authority on Figure Piping, and holds Lifetime Teaching Credentials in the Art of Cake Decorating.

President of KOPYKAKE Enterprises, Inc. Gerry is the inventor and developer of the KOPYKAKE machine and many other cake decorating aids currently in use internationally.

These are the three people responsible for this book.  Frances, John and Gerry were obviously masters of their craft and people who truly understood the fine art of cake decorating.  All those cake decorating shows back in the day, must have been in complete awe of cakes such as:



Yeah, forget about Bieber. Lawrence Welk is the guy we want on our cakes.

Obviously this book is a little out of date, but there are techniques and ideas here that are timeless.  This dragon cake would not be out of place at todays childrens parties…

OK… It’s not a dragon, it’s a dinosaur.  With a little bit of imagination and artistic license, one could easily turn it into a dragon… or even better… you could buy this app, which has nothing to do with this book, and just build a castle:

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