Friday, March 8, 2013

Artful Paper Dolls: New Ways to Play with a Traditional Form by Terry Taylor.

Artful Paper Dolls: New Ways to Play with a Traditional Form by Terry Taylor.  Hardcover book published by Lark Books 2006, 144 pages with colour photographs and a few black and white photographs throughout.

For some reason I’ve been finding and listing* less craft books of late.  This is not an intentional action on my behalf and I’m not really sure why this is.  Possibly I’m just finding less craft books of “interest” or possibly I’ve become subconsciously more aware of a lacklustre market for the subject on the interwebs and have therefore developed a selective blindness.  I have noticed that good craft titles tend to not gather dust in the shop and maybe this is why I’ve slowed down on the purchase of these books as I am well stocked with “shop” books and less well stocked with ebay books.  There is a difference which is hard to explain in this brief blog entry, but I can say that there are certain titles and subjects that seem to do very well in the shop and less well on line and the same goes the other way around for other titles and subjects.

This book is one that I excitedly picked up as it was the first book that I have ever found on the subject… other than an actual book of paper dolls featuring the American President and his family (Obama).  To be honest I thought it was a history and appreciation of Paper Dolls, which it isn’t, but I wasn’t as disappointed as I have been when I’ve bought what I thought was a history book and found that it’s historical fiction.  No, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a craft book looking at various crafty ideas using paper dolls as the focus of the craftiness.  Have a look at some of these:

There is a market for paper doll books. The American President and his family book of dolls is no longer in my possession (it sold)… so I can confidently write here that there is at least one person who is interested in paper dolls (… actually I know another one as well).  The test now is whether this title is an on line book or a bricks and mortar shop book.  Currently (8/3/13) it’s sitting on ebay without much interest, but it just takes that one special interest to change that and if it doesn’t, I feel fairly confident it will sell in the shop.  

* On line.

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