Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Your Book of Knitted Toys by Brenda Morton.

Your Book of Knitted Toys by Brenda Morton.  Hardcover book with pictorial boards (no dust jacket) published by Faber and Faber 1973, 78 pages with black and white illustrations.

Like making cupcakes, craft was another activity/pastime that was all the rage a few years ago… actually, it may still be all the rage, but this is something I am unfortunately a little out of touch with at this particular point in time.  I guess if you don’t know anyone into something, in this case craft, it’s easy to say it “was all the rage”.  There is a little more though re the “was”  that I’m talking about as I am finding craft books a lot harder to sell now than 2 years ago.  It’s sort of like Britney Spears in that sales figures are no longer what they once were. 

This title is a little older than the recent interest in crafts and this is possibly a slight problem.  I don’t know if people want to knit


But I can’t imagine that anyone out there would have an issue with a knitted group of break dancing teddy bears or an army of slightly varied bunny rabbits. 

The strangest thing about this book is that it has an on line value that shocked me when I first searched around on the interwebs.  A worn ex library copy is currently listed on line at around $25 and a good copy (not ex library) is listed at just under $50, then its value starts to climb until it reaches just over $205.  I guess if your keen, your keen… and who wouldn’t be keen on this sort of thing.

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