Thursday, May 17, 2012

Occupation: Citizen: The Story of Northern Territory Women and the Vote (1894-96) by Barbara James.

Occupation: Citizen: The Story of Northern Territory Women and the Vote (1894-96) by Barbara James; Helen J Wilson, research consultant; Joanne Van Os, research assistant/ illustrator.  Paperback book published by Barbara James 1995, 132 pages with black and white photographs and a few black and white illustrations.

How rare is rare?  This book as far as I can tell, is extremely rare.  From my delvings, searches and explorations of the interwebs, I believe I have the only copy of this book available for sale at this point in time.  This can only be a good thing… that is if there is anyone out there wanting to purchase a book looking at the history of Northern Territory Women between 1894 and 1896.  There must be thousands of people itching to read about this subject… well maybe not exactly this subject, but maybe about the history of the Northern Territory… and that’s not to take away the significance of those pioneering women of the Northern Territory who were, by the way, the first women in Australia to get the vote at a time when this was not the done thing.  Indeed I think this is an interesting aspect of Australian history and it is of even greater interest that it was the Northern Territory and not the more populated and refined Eastern States that were willing to let their women vote.  Well done.

So what does it mean when I have the only copy for sale?  I have no idea.  A few years back I had a copy of a book published by the Indian Government on the children of India.  I could find no copies for sale and only 2 mentions on the interwebs about the book.  Now that’s rare… also completely unsellable… at least my copy was unsellable.  I know of another book seller who found a book that he could find absolutely no reference to anywhere.  In other words, there were no copies for sale, no reviews and no library holding anywhere.  Unfortunately it was an out of date economics book that by the sounds of it even the author was trying to distance themselves from.  

Northern Territory history isn’t an out of date economics book and there are references to this book on the interwebs, so it definitely exists… that is, exists not only on my shelf.  One day someone out there will want this book…

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