Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Huc & Gabet expansion… (the man whose head expanded).

Well my business has expanded (my head remains the same size).  It’s official.  I now have books listed with the lovely people at Books & Collectibles. 

When I began my business I vowed that I would always maintain as low a stock level as booksellerly possible (yes… really).  There are a number of reasons for this, probably the main reasoning behind this abnormal and aberrant bookseller behaviour, is that I want to sell books.  I don’t want a house/shop/shed or whatever, full of unsold books that may or may not sell one day.  I guess that’s what I’ve always liked about ebay.  You list a book and then if it doesn’t sell, possibly relist it and then if it still doesn’t sell, well… do something else with it (is that vague enough?).

So what has changed and caused me to want shelves full of “books that may or may not sell one day”?  Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s very simple… the quest for global domination…

Ok, the truth…
Over the past few years, I feel that ebay has changed… I’m not going to poo poo the company… but things have changed.  Indeed, I still intend on working with ebay and will continue listing items as before, as I still think it’s a great way to sell books.  Books & Collectibles though, offer reasonable rates for listing items and as much as I don’t want to write about the economics of it all…
List an item with ebay and if its cheap, it costs 50c for 10 days listing and they take a commission on top of that if it sells.  B&C will cost me $275 to list a thousand books… for a year… and no commission (that’s potentially 27.5c a book… a year).  There’s other reasons as well, such as stock that has a www big dollar value, but for whatever reason (real and imagined) wont sell on ebay, can now comfortably sit on my shelf and on line at 27.5c a book… a year.  The economics of it all has caused me to swallow my pride and devote a bookshelf to “books that may or may not sell one day”… and lets face it, if an item doesn’t sell I can still try it on ebay. 

As of writing this blog entry I only have 57 items listed… it’s a beginning.  Even Rupert began small… (actually, he didn’t).  I intend on gradually increasing my stock level over the next few months.  If you look at my stock you may notice a number of titles that I wrote about here… well that’s another reason why I’ve expanded.  If stock hasn’t sold… well… I want/need it to. 

Anyway anyone interested in looking at Huc & Gabet at B&C, click here
Scroll down, left hand side “Our Dealers”, click.
Scroll down till you get to “Huc & Gabet Secondhand Booksellers”, click on “stock listing” then click on the item that’s there.

Eventually there will be a H&G website… I’ll let you know when it happens.  Thanks for reading this blog entry… for some reason I thought it might be a good thing to let you all know what’s going on here at Huc & Gabet.

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