Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Disputed Country: Australia's Lost Border

The Disputed Country: Australia's Lost Border by Robert J. Dunn.

“The bizarre story of Australia’s first surveyed border and the on-going dispute it created.”
Maybe I was asleep that day… or maybe I was busy looking at Ron Cobb illustrations… I cannot remember ever learning about this “bizarre story” when I was at school.  Did you know that there is a no man’s land between Victoria and South Australia?  Apparently there was some sort of kerfuffle during the survey of the border between 1846 and 1850… and it’s never been properly fixed.  So I’m wondering if you live in the no mans land… well I’m wondering what does this mean?  In other parts of the world people go to war over border disputes, but here in Australia we are a friendly lot (unless it has to do with water… football… or cricket) and we are happy to let this mess sit there for all perpetuity. This book could change all that. 

Just imagine (go on… do it)… a patriotic Victorian or South Australian decides to become VERY patriotic and end this crazy impasse… and this book could be the catalyst.   Cross border missile attacks… incursions… building a wall… Bordertown divided in half… well maybe they don’t need to go these sort of extremes… and please, I don’t want anyone out there to think that I am promoting these ideas… because I’m not… although a Victorian Naval attack on Tasmania does hold some bizarre appeal.  The only thing I am promoting is this book, which outlines what this border dispute is really all about… (“we are happy to let this mess sit there for all perpetuity”).  

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