Thursday, April 21, 2016

Clunes Booktown Festival 2016

Well here we are 2016, and it's time for the annual Clunes Booktown Festival. This years motto/slogan is “Journeys through time & place”. …obviously not Huc & Gabet time and not Huc & Gabet place, as once again the festival organizers have chosen to keep this bookseller out of all of their festival literature both on line and in print. Yep, once again this bookseller and his business are out of the programme*. Nothing on line and nothing in print about The Huc & Gabet Bookotorium, it's as if I don't exist. I am a little dissapointed.

Well I do exist and I am here and I will be open over the booktown weekend despite not existing on any map and there being no indication that I am a permanent bookseller here in Clunes all year round. For the first time ever The Bookotorium will be open all day**, ready and waiting for anyone who may stumble upon us. (Without any advertising it really will be a “stumble upon us”.)

If you are reading this and are heading to Clunes for the festival and want to visit the Bookotorium (that's code for Huc & Gabet headquarters), go to the IGA (Supermarket), continue along Fraser Street away from the festival on the same side of Fraser Street as the IGA. Continue along for approx 10 metres and you will find a drive way. I'm at the end of the drive way. It should be fairly obvious. Entry is free, you won't need a festival pass. 
If you get really lost phone me 0437 444 212.

I look forward to seeing you...

* They did the same thing last year.

** Normally we are only open by appointment

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