Monday, January 11, 2016

The Redgum Songbook: Stubborn Words, Flagrant Vices.

The Redgum Songbook: Stubborn Words, Flagrant Vices. Paperback book published by Tombola Publishing (no date, early 80s, pre 1983), 104 pages with black and white photographs and illustrations.

I've dabbled in music books for a few years now with varying degrees of success... Actually, I can't remember selling any of the many music books that I have thought would easily sell. Maybe people don't play music anymore or maybe there's some secret squirrel thing about music books, that i'm totally oblivious to. I still think that Leonard Cohen, Frank Sinatra and Kasey Chambers would be sellers as apposed to shelf fillers, but this doesn't seem to be the case. So why have I picked up a book containing the music and lyrics of Redgum who achieved legend status with their song:

This was a big hit here in Australia (… in case you didn't know...) and is still part of the Australian music psyche. With this in mind I didn't hesitate in picking it up and offering it for sale.

There is just one little thing about all of this. The Redgum Songbook was published before they had recorded 'the' song, therefore it does not include what is undeniably their biggest hit. I was aware of this at the time of purchase, but still think it is worth a go as people that are into Redgum and/or Australian folk music won't necessarily be focused on 'the' song. I personally remember that Redgum were around before reaching mega commercial success. I even went and saw them play at Melbourne Uni back in the days when Melbourne Uni would have great gigs every so often (...I wasn't 19). I also remember not enjoying them as much as some other bands that I had seen previously and in retrospect... it wasn't really my thing... but the concert was packed with fans who were more than happy listening to a pre 'I was only 19' Redgum. It is with this in mind that I figured that The Redgum Songbook would have an audience.  Another thing i should mention is that this book is not that common and i'd ever go so far as to describe as quite rare.  I think it's a great find and it will sit nicely on the shelf next to Kasey Chambers.

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