Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reggae Discography by Hermann Moter.

ReggaeDiscography by Hermann Moter. Paperback book published by Minotaurus Projekt 1983, 264 pages.

So what do I know about Reggae?

I know that there are people out there that have no time at all for it.... and there are those who have a lot of time for it. I know that there are some who only like particular styles of Reggae and don't have much/or any time, for other styles (eg. Roots vs Ragga). I personally have had a lot of time for most of it and still have have a bit of time for it now. Yes, there was a time in my life where I went on a five year(+) Reggae bender. Yep, I only purchased and listened to Reggae for a long long time and still have an wonderful/ital collection of Reggae discs. Occasionally I drag one of them off the shelf and have a listen, which is always a good thing as I find it a truely uplifting experience.

A track from one of my favourite Reggae albums

When I was obsessively buying Reggae, I was always on the look out for any books on the subject. I wanted to learn more about it as at the time it was something that I was getting into all alone, in other words, there was no interwebs to trawl through and no one I knew here in Australia was able to advise me on the finer points of who was who or which of the so many King Tubby albums was really worth purchasing (i have a lot King Tubby albums).  I did eventually meet a Reggae guru whilst backpacking in India. We kept in contact and his advice and mixtapes are something that I remember with great fondness. So many gems were suggested to me via long letters, most of which I purchased as far as my wages would allow. I know that this book was in his collection of Reggae books and it was something that I did browse through on more than one of my visits. It was of course out of print by the time I discovered it, and I have only ever seen one other copy. When I saw this copy, I immediately knew what it was and did not hesitate in picking it up. It does have some wear, but realistically, how often am I going to find this book. 

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