Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Australian Hereford Breeders' Guide: 1950, edited by Frank O’Loghlen.

The Australian Hereford Breeders' Guide: 1950, edited by Frank O’Loghlen.  Hardcover book (no dust jacket) published by The Australian Hereford Society 1950, 160 pages with black and white photographs and a few black and white illustrations.  Book contains quite a lot of advertising for Studs and related products.  (Spine title indicates that this is “Vol.2.1949”)

I do like a good vintage agricultural book and this one meets most of the harsh Huc & Gabet criterias that are carefully considered before such a purchase.  These include:

Subject matter –  Bovines of the Hereford sort in Australia 
It’s a cow.  There are lots of them. They’re in Australia.  People are interested in cows for various different reasons… and so are cows.

Year – 1950.
It’s a historic/nostalgic look at cows. 

Condition – Good.
Condition is always important (… of both the book and the cows).  It was published in 1950, so it should have a little bit of wear… but not too much.

Bonus features – Contains advertising.
Not only does it have cow products (hair gel, deodorant*) it also contains advertising for other cows… sort of like on line dating but with less emotion.


Scarcity – It’s not the Da Vinci Code.

There are other very positive things about this book other than what I’ve written above and I’m fairly sure that one of my regular shop customers will snap it up once I have carefully placed it in his hands.  For now though it’s on line, awaiting some moovement. 

* Not true.

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