Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Flying Vet's Pigeon Health Management by Dr. Colin Walker.

The Flying Vet's Pigeon Health Management by Dr. Colin Walker.  Hardcover book with pictorial boards published by Dr. Colin Walker 2000, 322 pages with colour photographs throughout as well as a few black and white photographs and illustrations (minimal).

This book is certainly something to coo about.  Pigeon books are something that I actively seek out… well maybe not actively, but it is a subject I keep my eyes open for.  Once again it’s about other people’s passion for a subject that not all of us appreciate in the same way as they do.  I personally am not interested in pigeons.  They tend to leave too much poo around the place for my liking.  But I am interested in people who are interested in pigeons, particularly any books that they require/desire and by all appearances, this is one such book.

Written by a vet who from all accounts is a bit of a pigeon expert, who not only treats pigeons but keeps and races them as well.  Obviously for a man such as Dr. Colin Walker, the poo issue, is not an issue.  I’ve just had a bit of flick through the book and some of the pictures are fairly graphic.  I wont subject you to the autopsy specimens, but I will let you see one of the pictures of pigeon poo…

This is from an unhealthy pigeon… which is handy to know as next time a pigeon shits on me, I should be able to diagnose the problem… besides the problem of the pigeon shitting on me.

OK.  Enough about pigeon poo.  I was recently talking to someone about this book and we were discussing who would be interested in buying a book such as this one.  I don’t personally know anyone who keeps pigeons, so it’s a bit difficult to figure out who these pigeon fanciers are or where I can find them.  One suggestion was to find a pigeon and attached a small piece of paper advertising the book to it’s leg homing pigeon style and hope that the pigeon belongs to someone who may read the stray piece of paper attached to their pigeons leg.  … The interwebs is possibly a lot easier than this method of selling a book… although I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know what the rate of sales to pigeon message is… but more importantly, i'm not so sure how to attach a paypal invoice to a pigeon? 

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