Saturday, June 18, 2011

Woobinda Animal Doctor

Woobinda Animal Doctor by Victor Barnes, Illustrated by Walter Stackpool.  Hardcover book published 1969.

“Tiggie is bright, excels at most sports, wears modern clothes and likes to keep herself sun-tanned.”

Is there something wrong with me?  I look at this picture and… well… the lamb is not the first thing that I notice.  Lamb. What lamb?  Indeed is it just my imagination or is the lamb pretty superfluous to the illustration.  

So what was Woobinda Animal Doctor?  Well, it doesn’t make it into Wikipedia, so without being able to cheat and completely from memory… Woobinda animal doctor was a 1960s Australian TV series about a Vet in the Australian bush/outback.  Lots of adventures possibly in the same mold as Skippy… at least I think they had lots of adventures. This picture is from a large format childrens book.

So who was Tiggie?  Well, she was the Vets daughter.  And why is she wearing a swimsuit and holding a lamb?  This is one of the great mysteries of life.


  1. Paul Perry AllSorts Books NorthcoteJune 23, 2011 at 4:19 AM

    Woobinda was new to me too.. but there is some information here:
    including the credits.

  2. This was an illustration in a "Golden Book" edition of Woobinda - Animal Doctor" ... it also included an illustration of Tiggie (played by Sonia Hoffman) comforting a wallaby. I'm sure skin cancer has taken its toll by now.